Regulations and your luxury home

by Felton Constructions
With a myriad of regulations impeding every new homebuilder's dream, it’s an all too common tale of woe reported by Sydney home builders, that clients’ construction vision starts to blur amid a fog of clauses and standards. Put simply, you have a picture perfect visual which has remained in your mind for the months leading up to securing your new abode, only to be cut down when your builder advises you of certain troublesome rules. The best sydney home builders...
It’s one thing to have an idea to build your dream home, another to find the dream site. As even the best home builders in Sydney will report, in most people’s minds, the dream site is just that; a dream. ‘Dream sites’ are accessibly priced, correctly located, conveniently oriented, far from traffic noise, surrounded by just the right amount of planting and tree shade and above all, flat. Of course when we wake from the dream we’re often forced to...