2017 trends in luxury homes

by Felton Constructions

Every January sees the home décor and fashion media spilling over with trend predictions, so here at Felton we thought we’d distil these into some of our top picks.

It’s important to note that, like wave patterns that gradually change the shape of the landmass, trends move at different paces and impact on the home front at different rates and in different ways. As a result, it’s best not to let your luxury house plans be overly dictated by each yearly trend. As many prestige home builders will attest, trying too hard to be on trend is a costly exercise when it comes to luxury home designs. Nevertheless, for all those clients in the midst of planning their million dollar homes, having an eye on the changing trends does give you a framework to play with; you can decide for yourself what to follow and what to discard.

Here are some of the key trend dynamics for 2017:

Statement windows

In contemporary luxury house plans, windows are being emphasised and treated in new ways in 2017. Huge, flat rectangular window openings that emphasise the beauty of surrounding landscapes or planting are increasingly being specified, often with minimal framing to emulate the clean lines of a modern art piece. Alternatively, as shown in our lead image above, framing is being emphasised and exaggerated to form a real design statement. In more classic luxury home designs the trend is emerging in beautifully executed window seats and reading nooks.


The demise of open plan living?

Part of the modern trend for decades, BIG spaces have become common in many luxury house plans. However, a focus on smaller spaces is now emerging, in particular as a reaction to our over technological lives.  

Open plan spaces may persist in many homes, but will be offset by cosy nooks designed for reflection, reading or listening to music. These spaces can be decked out according to individual tastes and needs, from built-in bookshelves and daybeds to spaces for deep couches complemented by sheepskin rugs or floor cushions.

Some homeowners are taking radical steps however, and re-thinking the whole idea of open plan living. Acoustic problems and cooking smells are among the reasons for this new approach, with closed kitchens and dining areas set to grow in popularity.


Convertible pieces + spaces

The idea of versatility in housing design has been growing in recent years, largely driven by the smaller spaces dictated by urban living. The trend is now becoming apparent in luxury house plans too. Many million dollar homes do not count space restrictions as a key factor in their design, nevertheless, the sheer cleverness and smart design offered by versatile spaces is become a feature or ‘wow factor’ in itself. It’s as if the ability to change and alter one’s surroundings on a whim is a luxury in and of itself. High design folding screens and moveable bookshelves that allow spaces to be enlarged, shrunk or radically changed are becoming increasingly in vogue. In 2017, foldaway home items are also appearing in kitchens, including tables that morph into sideboards and even more high tech, complex items such as range hoods.

2017 trends in luxury homes


Colours, finishes and decor

In terms of on-trend colours for 2017 green is in. A fresh, natural shade of green has been named 2017 Pantone Color Of  The Year; the colour, called “Greenery”, is meant to represent vitality and renewal, setting an upbeat tone for the coming year.

2017 trends in luxury homes

Rich dark green colours will also be increasingly popular in terms of feature wall colour, furnishing textiles and accent pieces, working equally well in classic and modern luxury home designs.

Darker shades will also be favoured in furniture and flooring, with many trend commentators predicting the demise of the Scandinavian trend. In reality blonde wood and ‘Scandi’ are unlikely to disappear completely, but certainly a striking approach to the timber in your luxury home would be: “don’t be afraid of the dark.”


Modern cork + terracotta

Many “new” trends are simply classics reimagined and this year’s examples are no exception. Cork is making a comeback. Cork tiled kitchens were huge in the 1970s but the material has been given new refinement by being used in larger, expansive slabs on walls and other feature areas. It has the added benefit of softening the acoustics in million dollar homes.

A material that dates back to ancient times, terracotta with a matte modern finish is regarded as one of the biggest trends of the coming year. Prestige home builders note that one popular application is in kitchens or bathrooms, where it adds texture and character and has taken over from copper accents (predicted to be on their way out in 2017) as a source of visual warmth. Terracotta is also being revamped through unusual applications such as these pendant lampshades.

2017 trends in luxury homes