While we’re still in the early part of the year, this is an opportune moment in which to take another look at trends, this time with a view to longer term predictions. Changes in technology and social evolution mean many elements currently considered staples of modern luxury homes may not be relevant within the next 10 years. While we’re not suggesting that new home builders should do away with these completely, it’s worth considering how they might be designed now...

2017 trends in luxury homes

by Felton Constructions
Every January sees the home décor and fashion media spilling over with trend predictions, so here at Felton we thought we’d distil these into some of our top picks. It’s important to note that, like wave patterns that gradually change the shape of the landmass, trends move at different paces and impact on the home front at different rates and in different ways. As a result, it’s best not to let your luxury house plans be overly dictated by each...