Inside out: kitchen confidential

by Felton Constructions
With Australians now entering that time of year known as the silly season or, for traditionalists - Christmas, luxury home builders Sydney report that thoughts for many to that central hub of any home; the kitchen. “This time of year seems to bring up questions about the ideal kitchen like no other season,” says one Sydney builder. “Homeowners either want an instant re-vamp or, if they’re looking to build from scratch, Christmas will remind them of all the things they...
With temperatures soaring at the time of writing, particularly in Melbourne, which for the month of November is witnessing its most drastic heatwave for years, many Australians are considering how to incorporate green principles into their modern luxury homes. Quality home builders commenting on this space confirm interest in green luxury is on the rise. As one put it: “It’s often thought that here in Australia we’re a land of hefty air conditioning users, but as energy prices continue to...