Creative concrete

by Felton Constructions
While many display homes in the Sydney market still demonstrate the finest of traditional materials, particularly those houses built in a more classical style, home builders NSW report growing interest in the use of concrete in the home designs NSW clients currently favour. According to NSW home builders, concrete has unique benefits that make it an ideal product for today’s market; not least cost effectiveness. One company among the leading duplex builders Sydney had this to say: “So a buyer...
Ask many home builders in NSW what clients are most focused on and the answer currently seems to centre around health and wellbeing; homes that not only feel like luxury resorts, but actually act as antidotes to modern stresses are high on wish lists at the moment, and it’s a sentiment is echoed by global trend watchers. The wide reaching concept of “wellness architecture” is now a thing; already making the rounds in 2017, it is being plugged as one...