How to achieve your ultimate designer home

In the world of property, there are homes, and there are designer homes. And while many ventures in the business of building or selling real estate use the label ‘designer’ quite freely, it’s helpful to bear in mind that like ‘quality’ or ‘premium’, it’s a word that’s often over used to spark interest and boost appeal.

So what is a ‘real’ designer home? Ideally one of these luxury modern homes involves the skills of architects or certified building designers, along with interior designers and decorators that specialise in modern home designs. Skilled builders, carpenters and other specialists also play a critical role executing the brief of a designer home, but it’s the initial ‘design’ component that’s key.

If you’re thinking of purchasing or building one of the many custom designed homes available on today’s market, you may well already have an idea of the sort of home you’re after. If you are like most prospective home owners, you have probably already perused a number of modern home designs to get a feel for the different design aesthetics that are currently in vogue. You may also have purchased one of the many software applications that enable you to visualise your designer home on the page or screen.

Designer homes

Your next move should be to consult a trained architect or a high end home builder that uses skilled architects. The more prepared you are in terms of knowing what you want at this point, the better. For example, do you want an ultra contemporary home? Would you prefer something more classic and timeless that won’t date easily? How many bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas do you want? How will the relationship between the interior and exterior of the home work? If you’re able to give your architect or home builder a clear idea of your requirements, it will be easier for them to come up with a workable brief. You may find that very little changes in terms of the design at this point; or you may be surprised by some of the innovative solutions that are presented to you.

Luxury modern homes represent a major investment. For most people, the dream home is probably one of the single biggest dollar spends they will outlay in a life time. So it’s critical that you get as close to what you want from your new home – subject to your budget of course – as you can. Avoiding hidden costs and ‘design disappointments’ is crucial.

In choosing a high end home builder, ensure you work with a reputable player that can provide testimonials from previous clients, along with examples of successful projects. Most good providers take a consultative approach to understand your current and future lifestyle plans and your ideas and inspirations for your dream home. Many high end home builders will also work down to the fine grain of your home in terms of providing solutions for finishes, flooring, tapware and all the other details that will make your home a designer home.