Luxury home designs are as plentiful as the individuals who commission them and can be a great way to express their owners’ unique sense of style and taste, but one thing that certainly sets Australian luxury modern homes apart is the concept of outside-inside living; that sense of flow from the interior to the exterior of the home.

There is a real abundance of beautiful homes that demonstrate this idea and if you’re scoping out ideal million dollar homes, the internet is a great source of inspiration particularly from international, world class examples. Pinterest is probably one of the best online showcases for luxury modern homes, many of them of such high calibre that they have received their share of accolades; with some even ranking as award winning homes.


Here are some prime Pinterest samples as a good starting point:

Hamptons haven

This modern take on a traditional barn like structure hailing from the United States and found at Hamptons Modern Barn by John Hummel  embodies style through its simplicity.

Beautiful homes

The squared off clean lines of the structure frame views of nature at either end of the internal area, and the flow through effect of the space particularly enhances the sense of inside-outside living.


Poolside gem

A pool is a great focal point at which to bring the outside and inside together as shown by this beautiful home at Hamptons New York Residence.

Beautiful homes with pool

An elegant outdoor seating and dining area is complemented by a more formal internal space, but the key here is the vast opening into the home’s interior which gives this haven its uniquely spacious and roomy feel.


Floored by beauty

There seems to be virtually no distinction between the interior and exterior of this luxury modern home at House in Camps Bay / Luis Mira Architects with only a subtle change of flooring and a vast but elegant aperture delineating the boundaries.

Beautiful homes

Clean lines, solid workmanship and premium materials such as the timber flooring give this space weight while the abundance of natural light accentuates that airy inside-outside feeling, a hallmark of the best million dollar homes.


Dynamism and space

This beautiful home at nonconcept: Glen 2961 House by Saota & Three-14 Architects is configured as a series of interlocking areas in which openings that traverse space on both the vertical and horizontal planes play a key role in creating a sense of generous openness.

Beautiful homes

The home has a feeling of movement and dynamism through its interlocking inside and outside spaces, making it a prime example of the best international luxury home designs.