With homeowners increasingly seeking to maximum their home’s ability to provide a haven and a refuge, the bedroom is becoming a focal point in million dollar homes. In fact, given the fast paced lifestyles of many clients scoping out luxury home designs, it’s perhaps no surprise that the bedroom is a particular priority.

Here, we take a look at some inspiring examples of master bedroom designs from around the world. From an architecturally designed contemporary room to a serene tropical design, these different styles are guaranteed to spark your interest.


Contemporary culture

When you think of contemporary luxury home designs modern styles come to mind. The key in creating a desirable spacious bedroom in this category is a plain colour scheme. Clean whites and ivory are a top choice for prestige home builders and give a contemporary feel. Working with these base colours allows for a small splash of colour without coming across as too busy.

In this English designed home it was all about the added extras in the luxury house plans. The bedroom features a custom designed headboard with an array of cupboards and drawers included in the design.

Expressing the luxury aesthetic of million dollar homes in the contemporary category, an array of carefully placed square shaped pillows and textured bed throws reflects a key trend at the moment.

Bedroom styles for million dollar homes


Traditional custom designed homes often choose the bedroom as an extravagant centrepiece of the home.

Typically the traditional bedroom features a neutral colour scheme with beige, ivory, white, brown, yellows and sometimes green.

A key element of the traditional style is the inclusion of a small settee at the end of the bed. What is great about this piece of furniture is it is an ideal space to place laundry when putting it away, to unpack your suitcase, to curl up and read in the evening or even to store extra bedding supplies.

This sumptuous style uses feature lighting suiting the traditional décor with large chandeliers paired with dark hardwood floors.

Bedroom styles for million dollar homes



Many people don’t associate industrial with luxury home designs. Yet so much can be done with this style—think mismatched high quality wood for a feature wall and retro Edison lighting, which when grouped together can add a luxury feel.

The industrial look is ideal for a male bedroom or a trendy guestroom.

Floor options include rustic burnished wood or a luxurious polished concrete look which can complement custom upholstered bed.

Bedroom styles for million dollar homes


Tropical haven

This tropical bedroom looks as if you will walk right out into the serene shores of Hawaii or Fiji. The stunning interior features a soft colour scheme of whites, light, blue and beige to really give you that tropical feel. Using premium quality materials the prestige home builders have designed a spectacular canopy which completes the tropical look and feel of the room. To make a room fit a tropical style, it is crucial to create a peaceful sanctuary in which you can relax and move around comfortably. The tropical design is ideal for the holiday home down the near the beach with an addition of white glass French doors opening to a terrace or balcony overlooking the ocean or pool.

Bedroom styles for million dollar homes