Last month in Frankfurt, Germany, Heimtextil once again opened its doors as the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles. However Heimtextil’s trend forum is a leading edge vehicle for highlighting much more than simply textile trends. The Heimtextil Trend Council is a highly regarded forum predicting the major directions influencing all aspects of life; ones that we can expect to see played out everywhere, including luxury home designs. A number of trend themes were introduced during the...
No longer simply content with making your master suite replicate the smooth operation of a luxury hotel room or your bathroom seem like a high end Balinese resort spa? Well, a branded residence could well be topping your wish list. Widely regarded as the next big thing in luxury home design, the market for branded residences, such as London’s Mayfair Park Residences next to the 45 Park Lane hotel (pictured above) is set to soar in 2020. Dubai’s first Andaz...
As 2019 draws to a close and we look to the new year, trend forecasters are swinging into action with a barrage of predictions about what’s hot and what’s not going forward. During the festive season most people are under assault from all directions, so we hope those of you lucky enough to have time to read this blog amid the onslaught of Christmas shopping lists, cooking to-dos and more, will take solace from this pared back trinity of ideas...

Budget Friendly Luxury

by Felton Constructions
With the current economic climate in Australia driving many householders to tighten their belts, anyone considering building their own luxury designer homes might be seriously re-considering their budget. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the ‘luxury’ needs to come out of luxury home designs however. And in fact, investing in a new home, with a sensible eye to your dollar spend, could be the smartest move you’ll make in the coming months.  Here are six helpful hints for optimising luxury home...
Climate change is back in the headlines, in fact many are describing the current state of affairs as a “climate emergency,” so is it time to refresh our memories about eco-luxury? Summit House (Whipple Russell Architects) in California (pictured above) is a modern luxury home that uses extensive solar power and passive-solar design elements and shows the stunning results that are possible while adhering to environmental principles. There’s a lot to think about in sustainable design so here are seven...

Concrete Examples of Luxury Homes

by Felton Constructions
Concrete? Luxury? Really? Isn’t concrete usually the preserve of functional amenities such as public conveniences? Or brutalist architecture conveying the triumph of (un-beautiful) form over function? Well, no. Precast concrete is gaining ground as fantastic material for luxury home construction on many fronts, not least its capacity to create an almost unlimited range of beautiful visual effects, from moulded geometry, to rich colour, to textural or gleamingly polished! Take a beautiful specimen, the Marguerites (Daisies) Building in France (pictured below)....


by Felton Constructions
[1] With the world of architecture and design constantly evolving, influenced not just by current and upcoming trends but ideologies and perceptions about our place in the world. In general, design and architecture are seeing a move of gigantic proportions towards sustainability and environmentalism that is unlikely to slow down over the next decade. But while this is arguably the most talked about topic in the industry, there are other trends making a splash in 2019 and that are set...
[1] Architecture is more than simply the practice of designing and delivering buildings; it creates a space for connection and facilitates the making of memories. Essentially it’s a critical tool for creating experiences. It follows that those experiences should be as positive as possible, and they should also be available to the widest possible range of people. This is where inclusive architecture comes in, in both public and private spaces. So how does this apply to home design? While many...

Think Small: Tiny Luxury Houses

by Felton Constructions
[1] Television shows like HGTV’s Tiny Luxury and Tiny House Nation have created a stir about tiny houses, but what is all the fuss about? Are they a realistic idea and most importantly, why should homeowners choose little over big? After delving into the key questions around tiny houses, you could be surprised to find that a luxury tiny house may suit you after all.   Perks of going tiny [caption id="attachment_1786" align="aligncenter" width="2280"] [2][/caption]The arguments for a large sprawling...
The scope of what can be achieved with great architecture seems limitless, especially when faced with a jaw-dropping building. It’s hard to believe such feats of the imagination are every bit as functional as many standard house designs in NSW; but whether you love them or hate them, the world’s most original architectural designs undoubtedly have something to offer in terms of innovation and provocation. Here are “10 of best” to wow and inspire you.   1. Piano and Violin...