Smart speakers have a lot to offer us in our home, but they do not come without controversy. The three leaders in this burgeoning market are Google Home, Amazon Echo (“Alexa”) and Apple’s HomePod (“Siri”). Their companies claim that they promote overall wellness and convenience, but at what cost? These artificial intelligence hubs are installed in your home and can be connected to many other devices you own, including smart light bulbs, TV and phone. Designed to make your life...
[1] “Minimalism is dead.” If you’re up to date with interior design dialogue, you may have heard this phrase. Of course, such claims need to be taken with a pinch of salt. Minimalism is still loved by some, but its dominance is definitely, let’s say dormant, rather than dead. It’s taken a long time, but many are finally growing weary of minimalist design’s stark surfaces and neutral palette, swinging back towards a newly adapted concept known as modern maximalism. Many...
[1] Modern and traditional style often seem to be in opposition to each other, but can they work together to create something more sophisticated, dynamic and timeless than any one style on its own? If so, how can it be done well? Despite no concrete rules, there are ideas that have worked well in terms of interior design. We have collected our five top tips to guide you in blending your favourite styles to create the home of your dreams,...
[1] Although our blog is usually dedicated to architecture and luxury home designs NSW, here is a current topic from the construction world that we thought would inspire and entertain our readers. Dubai has long been wowing the world with their impressive (some say over the top) mega-structures. The latest project announced is Dubai Square, a mega mall featuring cutting edge technology. [caption id="attachment_1582" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] [2][/caption]Commissioned and designed by Dubai Holding and Emaar Properties, with the UAE government’s cooperation,...
Throughout history, the concept of home has been studied, argued over and experienced by people from every walk of life. What does home mean to us, and why do we like the idea of building our own ‘forever’ home? Winston Churchill said, “We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us.” Home grounds us, sends us into the world confident, and eventually draws us back.   Universal Design: dream or reality? The concept of the forever home inevitably engenders...

Forward focus: Interiors 2019

by Felton Constructions
Now that we’re past the mid-year mark, it’s time to cast our eyes towards the horizon, projecting into next year and conjuring the major directions that look set to influence Sydney home builders and interior designers  going forward. Trend forecasters have a wonderful way of distilling how the zeitgeist, or spirit of the times, subconsciously influences our design choices. Many are currently reflecting on a period of radical change, disruption and uncertainty, from fake news to Brexit, which has shaken...

All About Neuroarchitecture

by Felton Constructions
Possibly even the most high end purveyors of home designs in NSW wouldn’t use the term neuroarchitecture, which is really a fancy way of describing how design affects our physiological state, physical health and general well-being. However, taking a look at what neuroarchitecture means might certainly be of use to buyers of homes in Sydney, particularly at the high end of the market; considering many Australians spend 90 per cent of their time indoors, a truly healthy home is a worthwhile...

Passive Solar Design Unpacked

by Felton Constructions
Increased awareness of the ways in which a home’s design can enhance energy efficiency is becoming evident in many home designs NSW. NSW home builders are frequently asked to include solar panels, water conservation measures, easy transitions between indoors and outdoors and even the option to install Tesla batteries to home designs, but one of the most significant steps forward in this area is in passive solar design. Passive solar design is all about using the sun’s energy for the...

Felton case study: Bellevue beauty

by Felton Constructions
At Felton Constructions we’re often inspired to share global trends and inspirations with readers, but occasionally a special project of our own deserves a mention; like this gem among Sydney homes, which demonstrates a typical brief for the home designs NSW clients are currently requesting. As with leading edge designs created by many NSW home builders, the key driver for this new house in the Sydney suburb of Bellevue Hill was to maximise natural light and ventilation in the living...

Creative concrete

by Felton Constructions
While many display homes in the Sydney market still demonstrate the finest of traditional materials, particularly those houses built in a more classical style, home builders NSW report growing interest in the use of concrete in the home designs NSW clients currently favour. According to NSW home builders, concrete has unique benefits that make it an ideal product for today’s market; not least cost effectiveness. One company among the leading duplex builders Sydney had this to say: “So a buyer...