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Once designer homes have been built, colours have been chosen for the walls and all the floor tiles have been put into place, the next step is to fill these luxury modern homes with furnishings. In many cases home owners tend to favour traditional pieces including pictures and mirrors, but there are many other ways to highlight your personal style.

If it’s impact you’re after, it may be worth considering a rather unusual example that has been in vogue for a while. Taxidermy has once again risen to fame in the last couple of years in custom designer homes. For a long time, taxidermy was almost a forgotten art form, its existence limited to museums and speciality stores. Since 2013 however, its popularity seems to have spiked, and not just among young, hipster types. Luxury interior designers have once again discovered how taxidermy can create the final touch in designer homes across Australia. In addition to the heightened prestige of the actual displays, the animals used today are in most cases not hunted for the sole purpose of being used in taxidermy. They are responsibly sourced, with an aim to preserve the beauty the creature displayed while still alive.

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Taxidermy has been given an unfair reputation as somewhat tacky. However, thoughtfully deployed, these displays can be what transforms your rooms from good design to stunning. When deciding which type of animal, size and position to go for, there are a couple pointers which can help you on make the choices that are right for you and your luxury modern home.

  1. Keep the display in line with your own personal style and history.
    This is a vital point. If a preserved animal is to take designer homes and help transform the interior to the next level, the animal and display case chosen needs to fit the size and overall lifestyle of the house owners. If there is a family history of hunting, the head of a deer might be the perfect way to encapsulate both the history and pride of the family. In other cases, a few delicate birds caught mid-flight will be more than enough to bring out the beauty of both the design and the animal. A mistake that is often made is to choose an display that is simply too big; the result is an overpowering element rather than a complimentary feature of the room.
  1. Always go for quality.
    The most important aspect however, is to check the quality of the work. Bad quality taxidermy can ruin the impression of any designer home. If you are getting a bespoke piece created for your home, ensure that the artist is accredited and ask to see previous work. If you are purchasing an older display, get an expert to look over it and ensure that it is still in good condition.

By investing some time into the aspect taxidermy can bring to designer homes, it is not difficult to find a way to showcase your personal style while honouring this traditional art form, which is so evocative of class and style.