If you’re engaging a home builder to create your ultimate dream home, it’s worth remembering that there are a wide range of million dollar homes to choose from in terms of style and design aesthetics.


Most luxury home architects or home builders will be able to provide you with a number of options in terms of the modern home designs on offer. To gain a ‘broad brush’ idea of what’s available, bear in mind that million dollar homes can be divided into a few key categories.



Classical luxury homes

Classical buildings immediately confer a sense of timeless elegance and class. If you’re looking for a style of building that will subtly impress and stand the test of the passing years, it may be worth considering classical. This is particularly the case if, like many home owners, your taste leans towards eclecticism. A classical million dollar home, with its Georgian architecture and Palladian proportions, lends itself well to a clever blending of old and contemporary elements. Modern artworks, accessories and fixtures work equally well within a classical dream home alongside more traditional pieces. Elegant pilasters and pediments articulate the exterior of most classic homes, while their interiors are characterized by statement lobbies, staircases, doorways and fireplaces.



Contemporary luxury homes

Many homeowners looking for the ultimate in modern home designs are particularly drawn to the clean lines of contemporary design, which lends itself especially well to Australia’s bright summers and relaxed lifestyle, of which a key feature is the blending of inside and outside living, complete with impressive alfresco living zones.


Inside these homes, large, expansive living areas encourage open living, creativity and a relaxed, hospitable ambience; the sharp linear quality of the contemporary home can be softened with timber flooring and clever lighting. In fact, the best thing about these modern home designs is that, despite their obvious minimalism nothing has been compromised in terms of comfort, as well as environmental concerns. These dream homes feature modern designer fittings, an abundance of natural light as well as the latest in artificial lighting fixtures,and functional but stylish kitchens and bathrooms.



Colonial luxury homes

Another clear favourite in Australian luxury modern home designs is the Colonial style. This is no surprise given the unique heritage of Australian architecture, which knows few parallels throughout the world. A Colonial home created by luxury home architects will fit beautifully into heritage surroundings, with its moulded windows and doors, columns and shade-providing verandahs designed to suit the Australian climate, taking the best of local architecture and modernising it to suit contemporary needs.


Inside the Colonial luxury home, timber flooring, vintage appeal fireplaces, cornices and other key features are fashioned to replicate time honoured tradition while offering the convenience and durability of modern materials.


The above are just three of the key styles of modern luxury home available on the market. While there are doubtless other options available, these three are a useful starting point. By closely analyzing their different properties and qualities, you will be well equipped to refine your brief, making the journey that much smoother when you appoint your home builder.