Living areas are the heart of your home; the place where memories are made. These spaces are also a reflection of the personal as they are the most visible, ‘public’ parts of your home. And they’re often the first impression your home’s interior has to offer, so giving these spaces due consideration can make a major difference to the feel and style of the rest of the house. As a result it’s no surprise that for many custom home builders based in Sydney a key focus of their work is utilising quality and detail to strike a balance between a style that is unique to your home, and the dual functionality of a space that is both private and highly visible.

For many in the luxury home sector, living areas are opportunities to test the boundaries of self-expression and functionality. Unlike other rooms in the house, such as the kitchen or bathroom, living areas are blank canvases without a pre-determined purpose. They are the spaces of the home most accommodating to personal taste and inspiration. In this sense, living areas can posit a challenge to home owners, to balance functionality with style, and personal taste with luxurious sophistication. Sydney home builders utilise characteristics of both classically styled and contemporary living spaces to create a space that is, above all, balanced. And many custom home builders agree that balance is at the forefront of creating sophisticated and welcoming living areas that fit the lifestyles of luxury homeowners.

Felton Lounge

The way in which a lounge or living area is arranged and decorated can often inform the rest of the home, so it makes sense to use it as something of a style template; and there are a range of styles to choose from.

Classical styling favours a softer, homelier look, with a more neutral palette and light spaces to relax in. Smooth edges give the air of refinement found in luxury homes, without losing the relaxed feel that characterises this style of living area. Sydney building companies working in the classical style typically report a strong focus on high quality detailing, emphasising proportion and balance to create spaces that have all the qualities of luxury with the softer edge of comfort. These living spaces are convivial and relaxing, and set a tone for your home that makes anyone feel welcome. Features such as an open fireplace, displayed books or musical instruments offer a traditional feel that speaks of sophistication, while also showcasing personal taste and functionality.

On the other hand, contemporary homes offer a different spin, allowing custom home builders to utilise Sydneysiders’ taste for natural light, clean lines, sharp edges and open plan living. What the custom home builder can do with this modern space is utilise bolder palettes and contemporary art to bring a refined modernity to living areas, giving these spaces an edginess and energy that carries over to the rest of the home. These are spaces for entertaining and sophistication. The clean lines give these living spaces a versatility that accommodates both private moments and larger gatherings. Contemporary living spaces are also excellent opportunities to utilise smart technology seamlessly within the design of the house, to enhance the functionality of these spaces.

Whatever your style, your living space should be a reflection of you, the heart of your home. Many award winning homes are characterised by excellence in capturing this unique heart, the key living space that makes a house into a home.