If you’ve engaged one of Australia’s leading new custom home builders to create your million dollar home, you’re probably fairly confident that they will be able to walk you through the various stages of the design process. However, in order to come to it well prepared it’s worth knowing about some of the standard stages that many architects and home builders go through in designing a new building.


One: The Client Brief

Many new custom home builders won’t start the building process without this vital document, which is essentially the starting point in designing a home. It is formed initially by the client and then refined with the help of a building designer or architect. Often a single page, including sketches and pictures if relevant, will suffice, but the brief should contain all key requirements for the home, including, for example, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the relationship between interior and exterior, whether or not the home should be open plan or not.


Two: The Building Performance Specification

This is an expanded brief demonstrating how the different areas of the building will function. This can start off fairly simple and become more complex and refined as the project progresses.


Three: Building Schedule of Areas

This analyses the dimensions and qualities of all spaces described in the Building Performance Specification and takes the form of a table of the named spaces with an estimation of their size.


Four: Table of Areas

In the early stages of designing your million dollar home a diagram or table is created to visually demonstrate the design and the size and location of spaces within the proposed building, on the proposed site.


Five: A Relationship Diagram

Also sometimes referred to as a Bubble Diagram, this is a simple drawing that consists of bubbles, representing spaces, connected by different types of lines depending on the nature of the relationship between the spaces.


Six: Site data

This will include: information about the site, including boundaries and adjacent properties Having collected as much site data as possible a site drawing – with written notes included, will show key site elements such as: trees, service nodes, rocky areas and so on.


Seven: Site Analysis

This diagram displays all the information gained during the site data collection phase.


Eight: Design Diagrams

This is often regarded as the fun, creative stage of the design process and brings together all the requirements for your custom home, resulting in a million dollar home design that satisfies the requirements of the brief.


Custom home design

Nine: Sketch designs

These represent the point at which you’re ready to start outlining the initial design drawings of your home. At this stage you’ll find yourself feeling really inspired as you work with your custom home builder to bring your modern home design to life.