Although our blog is usually dedicated to architecture and luxury home designs NSW, here is a current topic from the construction world that we thought would inspire and entertain our readers. Dubai has long been wowing the world with their impressive (some say over the top) mega-structures. The latest project announced is Dubai Square, a mega mall featuring cutting edge technology.

Dubai Square


Commissioned and designed by Dubai Holding and Emaar Properties, with the UAE government’s cooperation, Dubai Square is planned as a blend of indoor and outdoor space, drawing inspiration from some of the most iconic shopping districts in the world: the Champs-Élysées in Paris, Beverly Hills in LA and Oxford Street in London.

With a total floor space of over 8 million square feet (that’s over 100 soccer fields), the mall is speculated to open in 2021 at the heart of the new Dubai Creek Harbour, only minutes from Dubai’s central business district. Dubai will outstrip itself yet again and break its own record for the world’s tallest building (currently the Burj Khalifa). The Dubai Creek Tower, at 3045 ft, is set to soar above Dubai Square.

Dubai Square


Described by CNN Travel[4] as a ‘tech-driven’ mall, Dubai Square will be split into three levels. The ground floor will be a dynamic and flexible space to host high tech celebrity performances featuring 3D projection mapping, gallery-standard art exhibitions and shows with theatre-grade sound and lighting.

Dubai Square


The first floor will be home to a four lane luxury shopping hub where you can go for a VIP experience. The lanes are split into dining, recreation and retail shopping, where you can experience personal style advice from an AI and a recommendations on clothes to suit your body type.

The second floor is the major activity hub, from fun leisure centres like a waterpark, cinema complex and sporting arena to more practical facilities like a supermarket and a train station. The mall will also be home to the largest Chinatown in the Middle East.

Dubai Square


Dubai Mall is currently the largest mall in the world and Dubai Square will be more than double the size. Estimated to cost $2 billion[7], the mall will incorporate a modern retail experience for the tech-savvy 21st century customer. As a way to enhance and streamline customer experience, shoppers can check out via a barcode scanning app – no checkout assistant necessary. The fitting rooms will be equipped with interactive mirrors to give people an idea of how styles will look on them. To further personalise the experience, they have technology to hand pick a collection of recommended items based on the customer’s preferences and 3D printing to perfectly customise the clothing fit.

Dubai Square


Some global onlookers worry that money may run out and Dubai will be reduced to an eerie ghost town, like one of China’s ghost cities. However, with roughly 50% of the population in the Middle East being under the age of 30 and a reportedly high birth rate[9], investors for Dubai Square don’t seem too worried. Love it or hate it, Dubai is something of a talking point worldwide. However if you prefer local luxury to worldwide wonders, talk to us about building high living Sydney homes. We are able to custom build your dream home.


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