It’s interesting to note that even in the down turn that followed the global financial crisis of 2008, the luxury homes sector remained buoyant. And demand for luxury home builders continues apace, driven by the ability of high net worth individuals to specify custom designed homes that not only meet their specifications for the ultimate ‘dream home’ but also represent a solid and worthwhile investment.

As an integrated Design & Construction company covering architectural design, interior design, cost planning and quality construction management, Felton Constructions is able to offer its expertise to such clients as one of Australia’s longest established quality home builders.

Founded over 30 years ago by Michael Milosevic, the company is a product of Michael’s vision to fill a niche in the market for custom designed homes with a luxury market positioning but an affordable price. By adopting an approach that blended custom designed homes with quality construction, he was able to reduce the cost of the documented architectural designs and construction cost over-run issues common the established approach, which used separate architectural and construction companies on the same project.

Michael began with large scale classic rural homes before expanding his repertoire to French provincial inspired luxury homes. A graduate of New South Wales University’s Architecture Honours Degree program, his expertise lies in providing clients with architect designed luxury homes, characterised by quality detailing and premium materials.

With the company having gone on to won numerous industry accolades including the HIA 2009 Australian Residential Designer of the Year Award, Michael says its track record as a leading new custom home builder lies primarily in its collaborative approach to working with clients.

luxury home design

“Felton understands that the client’s needs and desires are key to the custom builder’s art. With each project we take a tailor made, individual approach to that client’s view of their ultimate luxury home. This includes appreciating the site, its orientation, the client’s personal vision and needs, as well as practical matters such as working effectively with local councils.”

Each project typically begins with sketches,while a series of design workshops establishes the design and enables the creation of an itemised design quotation. Felton also works closely with clients on material selections, colours and detailing.

“As a project moves from design into construction, more critical decisions on material selection in terms of interior design are required,” says Michael. “While many other construction businesses require all such decisions to be made at the outset, we are typically able to dedicate an interior designer to help develop the overall feel for the project and help with the client’s individual selections.”

Michael believes this approach is typical of the overall culture of Felton Constructions, and has contributed to the company’s status as one of the market’s leading new custom home builders.

“As we are both designers and builders we’re able to manage the entire process and to facilitate the creation of beautiful homes built to brief and on budget.”