Fitouts for modern luxury homes

by Felton Constructions

Getting your million dollar home designed and built is one thing, but fitting it out is a task of equal importance, so it’s worth considering how you might want to furnish your home during the early stages of design.

Much of your decision will be influenced by the style of home you’ve chosen. For example, if you have specified a classical home, the elegant style French style might appeal. French inspired furniture, accessories and fabrics remain popular in the modern luxury homes market, be they more opulent pieces or those more influenced by the rustic charm of French Provincial. Home owners can commission this kind of furniture from specialist suppliers who will work with them to create truly unique and beautifully crafted pieces that bear the hallmarks of tradition while being designed to fit perfectly into a custom designed home.

Clearly in a contemporary home it might be more apt to consider modern pieces in materials such as steel, leather and glass, executed in a ‘clean’ palette. Modern doesn’t necessarily have to mean cold however and many of the top sellers in modern furniture still offer authenticity and warmth, through the use of weathered or beautifully finished timber. Some clients with a flair for creating the eclectic look may also include older, more traditional style furniture in their contemporary custom home. However this does require some thought and care to avoid an aesthetic that looks muddled rather than artfully diverse.

Fitouts for modern luxury homes

Decorating million dollar homes is not for the faint hearted. The sheer scale of fitting out an entire home can consume both time and money, so the key to success is to create looks that offer lasting quality and craftsmanship and also won’t date too quickly. A good approach is to choose anchor pieces that are timeless, while also including some bolder statement pieces that can be replaced relatively easily. Accessories go a long way to creating a space that can be easily refreshed; rugs, throws, cushions, curtains and lamps more can be updated much more easily than bench-tops or flooring for example.

Artworks are a unique way to personalise your property, but it’s important to bear a few key guidelines in mind in terms of buying art for your luxury home. Firstly, buy pieces that you like; while buying as an investment is always a plus, it’s probably more worthwhile to feel that even if the market for that artist dropped off, you would still love the work. Works that exhibit skill and workmanship, or specially commissioned pieces that make a personal link between the clients and the artist, are in high demand in the luxury homes market. Paying attention to the frames you use is also important; the right frame can really lift a picture and showcase it to best advantage. Finally, avoid the trap of simply buying artwork to match your colour scheme or décor. A good artwork should be showcased rather than blending with the rest of the room.