For those about to create their own luxury dream home, there are plenty of elements to be considered, but one of the most important is in fact located beneath their feet! When it comes to million dollar homes, architects and homeowners want to create something that embodies luxury, while at the same time creating something timeless, a dream home for generations. Flooring is a key element in this, acting as an anchor for other décor elements and unifying the home’s spaces. And there really are no limitations to the flooring materials that might be used within modern home designs.

There are numerous flooring options when it comes to creating the dream home, and for the luxury home builder it is all about comfort and style. Flooring can become a feature of your home rather than something that just blends with the rest of the design; luxury flooring can be a statement in itself, just as much a symbol of your style as any other aspect of your home design. Every space is an opportunity to use the flooring to showcase personal flair.

Floorboards add a modern style to your home, with different washes to suit everyone’s taste, they never fail to add sophistication and class to an interior. Darker stain can look more modern, whereas a lighter stain will look more classic. Correctly executed, both will add to the luxury of your dream home. Reclaimed wood has recently become popular, adding an old fashioned feel to luxury homes. The imperfections within the wood add to its uniqueness, which in turn adds to the value of the material.

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Luxury vinyl is becoming very popular with luxury home builders and vinyl is certainly no longer a dirty word for those wanting something that exudes style. Now more durable and no longer just the cheap option you would find in an older home, vinyl has been updated for modern home designs to now offer a real look of luxury. Tiles or stone flooring are other options for a sophisticated addition to your dream home, whether you choose a simple design or create a feature with mosaic tiles to add a luxe feel to a room. With the added luxury of heated flooring, your tiles can still add comfort in the colder months. For the ultimate comfort in your home, lush carpet is a failsafe choice, with a multitude of patterns and colours to suit a modern aesthetic.

There is a luxury flooring option to suit everyone’s dream home and luxury home architects will look at materials that will add to the style and comfort of your home. Modern home designs are always changing with the current trends, with luxury home architects constantly daring to be different and stand out from the crowd. A current trend with architects is leaving a trademark of their own within their luxury home designs; something different that gives the home a point of difference and adds to its value.

Luxury home architects look at materials that will suit the overall design of the new home.They want something that will complement the overall design of your home and look stylish for years to come. Given the key role played by flooring both functionally and aesthetically, it’s worthwhile having a conversation with your home builder to discuss what options would best suit your home.