Luxury comes in many forms, but one of the most compelling versions in this Wi-Fiage is the notion of touch-button control. Many of our dreams about luxury lie in the idea of effortlessly controlling our environment, from switching on music to altering the temperature of our infinity pool.

The rise of technology means that such things are no longer confined to the realms of fantasy. Many new custom home builders are able to create modern luxury homes in which technology plays a central role.

Temperature control is one of the more obvious ways in which quality home builders can give your home the extra luxury edge. Designed to automatically adjust temperature according to pre-determined settings, new high tech ‘smart thermostats’ are experiencing growing demand.

Custom built homes with technology

Lighting, which plays a big part in controlling the ambience of custom built homes is now also controllable through multiple new technologies that are typically enabled via mobile devices, meaning changing the lighting can be done remotely in most modern luxury homes.

Touch button music in every room is a luxury that makes your custom built home feel like a resort and is great for parties or even just for creating a sense of peace and seclusion for private moments. Systems like the Sonos sound system, with speakers in all the main rooms and the ability to play different music in each one, can be controlled via iPads, iPhones or a desktop or laptop computer. A separate system might also be used to manage media content such as movies for the home cinema.

Smart locks are also increasingly common in many modern luxury homes and new technologies now mean that seemingly endless search for your keys could soon be a thing of the past. Keyless home entry is rising in popularity in the luxury market, meaning a touch of your finger can unlock or lock your front door. And of course security systems are understandably considered a must by owners of modern luxury homes. Technologies such as advanced video monitoring that allow homeowners to track security via a mobile device are increasingly popular, and many custom builders will be able to advise their clients accordingly.

Other luxury forms of technology have an almost magical edge to them. Intelligent or ‘smart’ glass can be transparent for open-ness or turned into a frosted surface for privacy, particularly useful in areas such as bathrooms or bedrooms.

Most new custom home builders will be fully across the range of luxury technology available as well as its practical role within your home. It’s certainly worth taking their advice and, while many of these technologies are undoubtedly alluring, being sure that you don’t get carried away. For some homeowners, a multitude of controls and options may prove more bother than they’re worth, while for others, new technologies make a really positive difference to how they experience their luxury modern home.