Inside out: kitchen confidential

by Felton Constructions

With Australians now entering that time of year known as the silly season or, for traditionalists – Christmas, luxury home builders Sydney report that thoughts for many to that central hub of any home; the kitchen.

“This time of year seems to bring up questions about the ideal kitchen like no other season,” says one Sydney builder. “Homeowners either want an instant re-vamp or, if they’re looking to build from scratch, Christmas will remind them of all the things they want in their new dream kitchen.”

In the NSW capital, where food and sunshine are a way of life, new custom home builders report that the continuing cultural dominance of cooking shows online and on TV means kitchens are receiving a major overhaul. Always considered one of the biggest investments of a home, kitchens are taking centre stage more than ever before.

Size is a major driver in the luxury market. Counter space, always considered prime real estate in the kitchen, is expanding exponentially enabling guests to lounge and marvel as polished hosts whip up edible marvels. Huge counters and kitchens in general are also great for households that aspire to industrial grade excellence enabling more than one ‘chef’ to operate in synchronicity.

kitchen confidential

In short, the kitchen has become an entertaining space. It’s not just a functional zone but a haven for those who take their therapy in the form of food preparation and a welcoming sanctuary for guests in search of an intoxicating blend of cosiness and yes, elegance; the butler’s pantry has been one of the biggest requirements of new custom home builders in recent times – it’s chief benefit being the minimisation of inelegant clutter.

But in Sydney, kitchen design increasingly comes with a unique twist; according to home builders in Sydney indoor outdoor kitchens are one of the top wish list items for clients in the last 12 months. “We’re not just talking about an outdoor kitchen that’s essentially a barbeque area with a sink and a fridge in it,” says one architect who works with home builders in Sydney. “What homeowners are after now is a far more sophisticated option that elegantly and seamlessly blends the outdoors with the indoors, often making a key design feature of that fusion.”

kitchen confidential

Homebuilders in NSW say demand for major kitchen upgrades looks set to continue apace. And for those going down the outdoor kitchen route, there are a number of things to consider.

“When you start to scope out your indoor outdoor kitchen design, make sure you integrate design thinking from the outset,” says one Sydney builder. “And it’s useful to begin with a list of must-have items. These could include an outdoor oven, grill, cooktop and sink, as well as a dining space or a bar.”

“You may want to consult a contractor about issues such as plumbing, electrical or gas lines. The location of appliances like a grill or a washbasin will make a difference in your design and budget. An expert can help you get the most from your scheme by positioning your outdoor kitchen for easy access to utilities. Lighting is another important element that may require electrical work and fixtures. This may affect the positioning of lights.”