The family room is often associated with messiness and confusion but in custom designed homes it doesn’t have to be! It is the room where all family members can relax together, as well as the place where to bring guests when they visit. Kids use this space to play with toys just before bed, while parents take time out after a hard day at work to watch a movie or curl up and read a good book.

Luxury home builders are well versed on design elements that can help create a sense of opulence in this space. We have rounded up an array of those elements that we believe can give your custom home that extra “oomph”.


Artworks + paintings

Creative expression is the ultimate way to define a room through its owners’ unique taste and personal experience. A large oil painting in a gold or silver rimmed frame can speak volumes about the personality of a home as well as lifting the space to the luxury standard set by million dollar homes.

When set above a cosy fireplace or over a heirloom coffee table, a large painting like this becomes an eye catching conversation starter for every gathering.

The sentiment behind the work can make it even more special; it may bring up the memory of a European vacation or maybe just a weekend getaway.

Interior décor - paintings


Fireplace fun

A fireplace is really something you can have a little fun with in custom designed homes. There is so much versatility in the size, materials and placement of the fireplace, which can create a great design focal point as well as helping light and warm up the home.

Currently trending in modern home designs is the use of a custom fireplace surround in mother of pearl, which is often done in a small tile mosaic style. Mother of pearl is great option for a sophisticated living room look that catches the light.

White custom mantelpieces help make the fireplace stand out and pair well with other materials such as raw stone and mother of pearl.

Interior décor - fireplace


Cabinets + shelving

Custom cabinets and built in shelving offer a ‘three s’ solution: space, storage and style. Firstly, they make use of the dead space in the room which allows for photos and ornaments to be displayed. Installing deep pull out drawers or cupboards at the base of the shelving is a great idea for those with children as it makes light work of stashing away their toys and activities, creating that sense of harmony that so many homeowners look for in their modern home designs.

Interior décor - cabinets


Soft touch…and colour

As most home decorators will confirm, accessorising a space will give it its unique character. Aside from ‘harder’ accessories such as vases, artworks and small furnishing items, pillows, cushions and throws soften the family rooms of million dollar homes both visually and acoustically, adding both comfort and character.

Pillows and cushions are also a great way to revamp the room, whether to create a different colour scheme as trends change or simply for added comfort. This year, blue, cream and white are trending but there has also been a rise in bold graphic designs in custom homes. Pillows and throws can be custom made to work with the decor of the room.

Interior décor - decor room