Rose gold or copper hues have been trending across categories from fashion to home décor in recent times; in fact rose gold in the home has become one of the fastest growing interior design trends in the past year, and looks set to lead us into 2017, with builders of designer homes sydney forecasting its longevity. Drawing inspiration from European designs, to celebrities’ favourite picks in the US and our own shores, home builders in Sydney are incorporating this trend.


Bathroom fixtures

Sydney builders have noticed the rose gold trend is gaining ground in the bathroom category with Salone Bagno 2016 ranking the rose gold bathroom as one of the top choices. This clean, but inviting hue in the bathroom exudes a modern classic feel to the space. Many builders claim that warm metal in a rose gold/brass colour can provide a luxe designer look. While home builders in the nsw market do advise home owners not to overuse this look, the inclusion of simple and limited rose gold pieces plays well off textured finishes like timber.

Rose Gold Bathroom



Copper or rose gold tones can also be a striking addition to the kitchen and works well in lighting features and small ornaments or fixtures. Rose gold is the perfect choice for white rooms and a favourite of home builders in nsw, adding warm highlight details that counter white kitchens’ tendency to look sparse.

Rose Gold Kitchen


Colour combinations

Sydney builders opt for rose gold to suit a variety of colour schemes. Firstly, rose gold complements dusty blue and blush pink, although most interior décor specialists will observe that pink tones should be used sparingly or wittily with pops of earthy or bright colours to avoid over-feminising the space. The addition of light brown timbers also helps anchor the ‘pretty-ness’ of rose gold while steering away from monotones. Also trending in rose gold colour schemes are combinations of rose gold and leather and monochrome looks. To ensure the room doesn’t slide into the kitsch zone, many designer homes sydney are balancing the glitz with black and white or more restful tones of grey from charcoal through to the lighter shades, while tones of brown or taupe work well to give the room an earthy feel.

Colour combinations 1

Colour combinations 2


When not to…

Rose gold decor can be feminine when paired with other peachy, pinky tones so home builders sydney advise to be mindful on the look you want to give. If using rose gold in a family home there are certain pairings which can make the pairing seem less dainty and more industrial. Another key point is to not use too much of it– as this can be very overpowering on the eye and hence lose its impact. The kitchen pictured below however, is a bold use of rose gold which is risky but groundbreaking against the dark brown timber. If you are renovating your house, introducing small amounts of rose gold elements into your home can keep your house looking classy and not too ‘trend’.

Rose Gold Decor