Despite their exclusive status, luxury homes are still swayed by the key trends influencing home design across the world. In fact, much of the time, due to expansive budgets and their ‘dream’ home status, luxury home designs often lead the way in terms of setting trends.

It makes sense that custom designed homes built by prestige home builders should be designed to offer something that’s innovative and differentiated from other offerings in the market, while also honouring what’s currently in vogue. So if you’re in the process of putting together your luxury house plans and you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few of the key trends in home design and décor that have emerged in 2015.

Bedrooms are getting a makeover, often with built in beds or a modern take on four-poster beds that provide a completely new take on traditionwhile also offering a sense of luxury and refuge from the fast paced modern world. In a similar way, bathrooms in many million dollar homesare combining heritage with modernity through the addition of old fashioned statement bathtubs, and we’re also seeing more bathtubs in bedrooms themselves, providing a seamless transition between the more private and relaxing activities of the household.

million dollar homes library

In the same vein, possibly in reaction to our increasingly digitised lives, old fashioned libraries are making a comeback in custom designed homes. Furnished with floor to ceiling bookcases, comfortable nooks for reading and thinking, and an abundance of natural light, libraries are the mark of new luxury.

Statement light fixtures are also being seen in unexpected places, such as kitchens or bathrooms. Often finished in metallic such as bronze or burnished gold, light fixtures are sculptures when turned off and illuminators when turned on.

Instead of hefty cabinets, floating shelves are another significant trend in luxury home designs. They can be used to open up kitchens and living areas and lend visual movement to these spaces. Installing floating shelves in other areas of your home such as living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms is an opportunity to display artwork, accessories and even more functional items in a visually appealing way.

A fusion of classic and organic is another key trend. Many new custom designed homes are moving away from stark minimalism to embrace natural timbers, often recycled, along with stone and tile finishes. Organic and rounded edges are also increasingly common. At the same time, borrowing from both nature and geometry, honeycomb hexagonal designs are a key new trend in luxury home designs. They can be seen everywhere from floor tiles to mosaics to light fittings and provide a great shape and look to clean lines while also melding well with an organic aesthetic.

Trimming is another key trend that’s emerging. This embraces the concept of framing or finishing a feature or area with a dramatic trim, often in black or another dark colour. A bright white kitchen with timber benches looks even better if classic window frames are painted a dark colour. A white tiled bathroom with a charcoal or deep powder blue tile trim has the same effect.

If you’re interested in incorporating any of these ideas into your custom designed home, talk to your prestige home builder in the early stages of design.