Luxury bedrooms 101

by Felton Constructions

With bedrooms increasingly conceived as more than just places for sleep, many clients for custom designed homes have specific requirements in terms of bedroom design. Master bedrooms, complete with ensuite bathrooms and walk-in-robes, are normally a given. However current trends in luxury home designs are also leading to the customisation of standard elements; for example, instead of ensuites, in-room baths and showers are growing in popularity. A statement tub, partially divided from the main bedroom area through the addition of an elegant screen or freestanding storage unit, makes bath time more a social and relaxing pass-time than simply bathing and grooming. In addition to or instead of a standard bath, some luxury bedrooms at the top end of the market may even include lap-pools or plunge pools, as well as other wellbeing related additions such as saunas or spa baths.

Lounge areas complete with chairs, couch or ottoman are also increasingly turning this traditional sleeping area into a grown up playground. Also growing in popularity are other kinds of smaller, special use rooms such as libraries-cum-offices or meditation havens, respectively complete with floor-to-ceiling shelving and comfortable seating or white walls and sound systems for soothing, ambient music. Other elements might be a large flat screen television, preferably featuring the optional ability to be closed away in its own cabinet or even located in a small ante-room off the main area. Custom home builders are noting that clients frequently request the same approach be used with gym equipment; a small room or a secluded space within the master bedroom zone can house a stair master or rowing machine, which can be kept from view once used.

With physical comfort at the forefront of clients’ minds, soundproofing and touch-button temperature control are frequently requested for luxury bedrooms. As with other zones in the modern luxury home, temperature control is just one area in which technological advances are coming to the fore. Surround sound systems, security systems and other home management systems enable master bedroom occupants to control lighting, temperature and entertainment from the privacy of the master bedroom. In some areas, such as walk-in-robes, temperature and humidity control are specified to protect clothing and other precious items.

luxury bedrooms bottom pic

Visual appeal is an important aspect of luxury bedroom design, and bedrooms in modern luxury homes are undoubtedly easy on the eye. Often located at the pinnacle of the home, the master bedroom may well be designed to optimise outside views, with generous windows and plentiful storage to eliminate clutter. The essential structure, layout and usability of all elements are also key. Built in beds (super king sized), using finely crafted timber may also contain customised consoles, complete with soft-close drawers and state-of-the-art lighting.

For high net worth individuals with demanding schedules, today’s luxury bedroom is all about refuge, wellbeing and visual flair. It is also a unique opportunity to showcase its occupants’ personal taste and style. Accessories and luxurious materials are just some of the elements that add charm, allure and a very personal touch. Custom built furniture, even uniquely designed floor rugs or commissioned artworks are all enticing yet personalised ways to do this.