Luxury homes – an introduction

by Felton Constructions

The market for luxury homes in Australia seems to be alive and well, with demand for unique, top-end properties for high net worth individuals remaining strong. And it seems that the sky’s the limit in terms of what such clients desire from their homes.

The influence of luxury resorts at the top end of the hospitality sector is now affecting home building trends, while TV shows such as Grand Designs are a good barometer of the value home owners place on creating their own dream abode; and the ultimate dream, that of the definitive luxury home complete with features from pools to home night clubs, is certainly compelling.

Prestige home builders continue to target the market for million dollar homes, with uniquely designed,beautifully crafted dwellings. Of course the term ‘million dollar homes’ doesn’t tell the whole truth; in today’s money a million dollars won’t stretch to cover the cost of most luxury home designs, which typically feature elements such as bar, home cinema with tiered seating, study, library, in ground swimming pool, sauna, outdoor pavilion and underground parking.

Design features such as a grand, sweeping inner staircase or artisan carved stone and timber work offer added points of difference in many luxury homes. Many home owners will also pay top dollar for the ultimate site for their luxury home, be it a waterside setting or an inner city haven.


Luxury homes design

Aside from land value and high quality workmanship and finishes, the key element that luxury home buyers are generally looking for is uniqueness. Individuality and creative flair are highly prized, meaning luxury homes designed by specialists in the field are in high demand. Most prestige home builders will employ an in-house team of highly specialised architects, interior designers, and building specialists who can deliver unique designs customised to individual clients’ brief and budget.

Outstanding customer service, excellent designs and workmanship and painstaking attention to detail are all hallmarks of these providers, as is extensive experience in residential design. Most good prestige home builders will also be able to deal with any challenge offered by a project, such as an uneven site or working with heritage requirements. Luxury house plans can include single storey, double storey homes and can also be tailored to suit unusual challenges such as sloping blocks. For that added sense of quality, the ideal luxury home should be built to make the most of the natural assets of its surroundings, be they ocean views or city scapes, or natural features such as rivers, lakes or outcrops.

Most prestige home builders will offer a suite of services and design solutions, ranging from entire luxury home plans to managing the project from concept to completion of build, to modular services such as concept design, or interior design services. Some custom home builders will work from the client’s own plans or provide a full architectural service.

Whatever form the project takes, one thing that’s guaranteed for any buyer of a luxury home is that its design will reflect the prestige home builder’s strong commitment to create outstanding properties that stand aside from the volume built market.