As much as the fashion runway is ever changing, trends for home design and architecture also circulate, leaving some out in the cold. In 2019 we say goodbye to some trends that have dominated the architectural and interior design world for quite a while now – some even over a decade. In order to make room for fresh and inspiring new trends, we must bid adieu to passé styles.


1. Industrial Style

Industrial Style

Characterised by copper pipes, exposed brickwork and caged lighting, industrial style has been championed by cafes and homes alike for over a decade. While they enjoyed a long heyday, industrial chic and ‘factory vibes’ are now being cast aside for a more warm, homey atmosphere characterised by soft furnishing and rich colours.


2. Thematic Design

Thematic Design

According to renowned Brazilian architect and interior designer Sig Bergamin, the trend that most needs to go in 2019 is thematic design. This term refers to any room that looks too ‘designed’ or like a replica of a magazine page. Bergamin says, “With anything that takes inspiration too literally, everything is very tacky[1] and that design experts want a room that looks represents a real life lived.


3. Minimalism


Minimalism has dominated the design conversation for some time now, but the detachment that comes with ‘all white everything’, cool greys and minimalist (often meaningless) art is being increasingly questioned. As Marie Kondo takes homes across the world by storm, designers are encouraging people to buy artwork for their homes that mean something to them and ‘sparks joy’.

Rich tones including Pantone’s colour of the year, Living Coral, are being combined to create spaces with a cohesive yet vibrant palette, designed to evoke creativity and positive emotion. In the same way that Bergamin doesn’t want houses to feel like they were copied from an Instagram feed or Pinterest board, people are getting excited to truly express their personality and reflect their experiences in the spaces they inhabit.


4. Words as art

Words as art

While some will never let go of inspirational quotes displayed in their house, words and phrases as art are on their way out this year. What was intended to be sweet or encouraging often ends up just looking tacky. Take the time to select a few pieces of art that you really love. Pick something you consider to be a true masterpiece (even if it’s weird or colourful) and style your room around it.


5. Open floor plans

Open floor plans

When open floor plans were first introduced, it appeared they were here for good, but they aren’t as popular as they once were.

Some reasons why a ‘closed’ floor plan are practical and relevant for today are:

  • More environmentally friendly (use less energy)
  • Increased privacy and a sense of calm retreat (mindfulness)
  • Easily allows for numerous activities to be conducted simultaneously (especially good for families)
  • Sounds and smells are contained to a single area
  • A closed off kitchen eliminates the need for a ‘mess kitchen’ or butler’s kitchen (saving space, cleaning, energy and money).

Kate Wagner, a Baltimore-based architecture and design critic says, “As cultures of consumption change and people become more environmentally conscious, homes must change to reflect this. Designing homes around “entertaining” that happens only a handful of times a year is a wasteful, yet still mind bogglingly popular practice.”[2]


6. Shiplap


HGTV shows like Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper and Love It Or List It have popularised this country farmhouse style. Shiplap is wooden boards used on interior walls, usually horizontally. Partially because of it being overused and used out of context, shiplap in 2019 will be considered tacky, something that simply doesn’t make sense in many homes.


7. Rose gold, copper and brass accents

Rose gold, copper and brass accents

Looking at virtually any shop throughout 2017 and 2018 – be it decor, jewellery, hand bags or home design – some form of rose gold, copper or brass accents could be found. They have been done to death, so now it’s time to bury them in favour of more subtle accents like matte black and gold, or a mixture of metals in one space.


8. Fancy over function

Fancy over function

The last one is an architecture trend we can probably all get on board with. Homes with large spaces for the sake of impressing guests are so last year. Along with mindfulness, sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyles comes the desire to have every part of the home used regularly and truly livable, rather than just for show. Single function rooms or barely used rooms are hopefully becoming a thing of the past. As future homeowners commission the best architects in Sydney to build their luxury houses, function will be the primary design objective – homes built thoughtfully, for a considerate and environmentally conscious next generation.

From superficial design elements to fundamental structural plans, design and construction across Sydney and worldwide is seeing a massive shift in 2019 to become more personal, intentional and more mindful. Contact Felton today to discuss your future home plans.


All images from a paid Shutterstock account.


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