It’s one thing to have an idea to build your dream home, another to find the dream site. As even the best home builders in Sydney will report, in most people’s minds, the dream site is just that; a dream. ‘Dream sites’ are accessibly priced, correctly located, conveniently oriented, far from traffic noise, surrounded by just the right amount of planting and tree shade and above all, flat. Of course when we wake from the dream we’re often forced to embrace compromise, and in terms of that last requirement, a flat site, this can really test our commitment!

However, as a client you can get some or all of your boxes ticked, you may find that building your new home on a sloped block of land is doable or even preferable. Home builders nsw are encouraging this approach for first home buyers and those with specific idea of what they want. It can require a higher level of consideration in the building process, however the best home builders sydney reveal there are many ways to approach this challenge.

Every slice of sloping land is a bit different, so it is important to consider specific designs appropriate for your block. Building companies sydney are able to adapt to certain needs such as pricing and lifestyle requirements. Some designs can also be created at a lesser cost by reducing the amount of excavation on the area. Each design is moulded to the unique block of land.

There are three main architectural designs that sway from traditional home designs and can be ideal for sloped land.


Basic stepped design

The first of these is the Basic Stepped Design. This design is exactly just that; it is made up of two steps at two different levels. Home builders in nsw like to refer to the two levels as point A and B. This can simply mean having the garage on its own lower level and the rest of the house at a higher point of the slope. This design makes the slope almost unnoticeable and is perfect for minor slopes.


Multi stepped design

As the name suggests, this kind of design is ideal for more complex homes and / or sites. Home builders sydney recommend this design for larger luxury houses. Made up of multiple points, the structure of this home disguises the severe drops in levels through subtle interior steps scattered from room to room. Well executed, these functional necessities often have the unexpected effect of adding ambience to a home. This style is also appropriate for homes that are 40 squares plus. To get an idea if this is the most suitable custom design for your haven it is a good idea to go and check out design homes which feature the sloped style made by the best sydney builders.


custom home


Split level design

Builders sydney recommend the split level design for homes that slope over three metres between the two levels, significantly more than the first design. The design can have two different doors with one being for the single storey and one for the double storey. This custom design is also suitable for those who want to have a view from their home whether it be a home on the central coast of Sydney or hidden in the more land locked suburbs with views of the countryside.