Recent times have seen a growing trend towards adding something ‘extra’ to the ultimate in luxury home designs. This is where the hidden features of luxury homes come in, offering the opportunity to lift those million dollar homes to the next level.

When creating luxury home designs, everybody remembers to consider their dream living room, dream kitchen, dream bedroom and bathroom, and their dream outside space. But, when it comes to building luxury homes, everything can, and should, be a feature that invokes pride.

The hidden, bespoke features that prestige homebuilders can add to your luxury house plans will create a wide range of different oases, and enhance the expression of your individual style.

Below we have collated some of the more interesting and surprising hidden features which can help your individual design to the next level.

1. Attic with a view

Attic with a view luxury homes

When designing and building a brand new luxury home, attic space is worth considering as an integral part of the plans. A perfect area for star gazing, enjoying the sun or hosting an intimate dinner party, an attic space with big windows and doors creates a unique atmosphere and a real ‘wow factor’ that any luxury house plan will benefit from. With an open and airy design, it becomes that special place that brings you nearer the sky, with a view across the city.

2. Hidden suites

Hidden suites luxury homes

Hidden rooms have become a favourite in luxury homes around the world. By hiding bedrooms, wine cellars and home offices behind wall murals, book cases and bespoke design features, an added layer of excitement is brought to million dollar homes. Most commonly, book cases have been used as hidden entrances, but now sculptures, wall paintings and mirrors have made their way into this secret aspect of luxury home design. It is a feature that creates real impact; clients often report the satisfaction of seeing guests’ reactions as they push part of a wall mural to reveal their bedroom.

3. The guest house reinvented

Guests’ houses have previously only served one purpose. They stood empty and ready to house anyone who came for an overnight visit. However, now the trend is to redesign the guest house into a multi-purpose house. If you fancy a play room, a man cave, your very own personal gym or a home office where you feel more inspired and focused, the guest house is the perfect area. Prestige homebuilders across Australia are facing rising demand for multi-purpose guest houses, which, at a comfortable distance from the main house, can create both the ‘separateness’ and closeness required.


Many luxury home designers around the world have their own secrets and twists they can introduce in creating these hidden treasures in million dollar homes.With clever use of space coming in a surprising number of forms, these new features are designed to expand the possibilities of the home beyond the common place, bringing a sense of wonder to both homeowners and guests alike.