Custom home builders are continuously on the lookout for modern, contemporary ideas for each room in a new or old home. The staircase, often overlooked, is in fact best thought of as a key consideration by home builders whether to increase space, add aesthetic impact to the home or to match the scheme of the rest of the house.

At Felton we keep a close eye on what’s trending, bearing in mind that these days new custom home builders can implement just about any idea. Here are just a few of them:


Glass stairs

The glass staircase may scream contemporary but it also has the capacity to provoke the occasional scream! It’s not a staircase for the faint hearted or homeowners with little ones, but for those who are brave enough, this staircase can look spectacular in new homes.

This type works perfectly in locations with a view as it allows daylight to filter through, illuminating the entire room.

Another great thing about glass stairs is that the see-through nature of the design allows homeowners to keep a feature such as a great artwork, piece of furniture or dynamic carpet directly below, allowing it to stand out from every angle.

Custom builders are also able to implement safety features such as handrails and grips on each step.

Glass stairs



The spiral is a time-honoured and traditional design ingrained in history, however it also has the capacity to be startlingly modern. Quality home builders are increasingly dabbling in innovative styles such as the one featured below. Custom builders are able to create one off caged designs that form an intricate illusion every time they are used.

The cage design doubles up aesthetics with practicality as it forms both a sculptural casing and a handrail.

Spiral stairs can be designed by custom builders to take up as little space as possible, making them ideal for the luxury apartment.

Spiral Stair


Alternating steps

This staircase takes the form of a ladder, creating a staircase that is both truly unique and a dramatic space saver for smaller apartments.

Clearly it’s worth bearing in mind that this custom design does not fit into the most practical category; you really need to concentrate on where you are stepping!

This “opposite foot” staircase is also notable for its paddle shaped steps, adding an interesting design element to a home design staple.

Alternating steps


Floating magic

Floating stairs, otherwise known as self-supporting or levitating stairs, have increasingly been remodelled and reconstructed by quality home builders to give a lighter look.

This eye catching design can create a real “wow factor” in the home and is available in wide variety of materials including timber, glass, concrete and even acrylic.

Floating stairs have hidden attachments underneath, however custom home builders can deploy methods and strategies that make this support next to invisible, creating the illusion that they are indeed levitating.

There are also a number of ways this staircase can be designed to create different effects, including floating waves, wire support, ghost like or curved, each offering a stand out point of difference for the custom design home.

Floating magic


There are many variations and materials available for each of these four styles ensuring that each custom home maintains a unique style.