Award winning architects Sydney are currently fielding enquiries from luxury home clients for on trend décor schemes and appliances, layout plans and systems that will be easy to live with while at the same time offering promising re-sale value.

Any number of display homes Sydney will showcase a widespread use of timber and the use of extreme dark and light stains, and even designs that mix the two. Floorboards are also being executed in wide widths, wide planks up to 18 cm in some cases.

Style for 2018

In short, traditional timber tones in houses, and in timber in particular, are moving away from warm chestnut tones and being replaced by the two extremes of darker stains, a tone closer to ebony or pale washed out ones. Timber in Sydney display homes is erring more to the side of elegance rather than earthinesss.  And it seems a new trend is to mix the two variations although caution should be used here to avoid an over busy look – and it’s probably best to focus on white or pale grey walls and furnishings without too much visual interest.

In some quarters however, earth tones are big this year in everything from accent pieces, to linens and walls, to flooring. Many award winning architects Sydney note an elemental trend to interior design – walls and flooring that look distressed, lime washed or weathered are big. And stone is a key theme, depicting natural stone in decor, flooring, and walls.

Contrasts between high gloss and natural tones are also a big trend. Reclaimed wood furniture is contrasted with high shine two pack or tapware, or slick metallic lighting in brushed metal and black. Also on tap this year is mixing metals, especially in the kitchen. Warm-toned fixtures can now live harmoniously with stainless appliances especially a new trend in tapware and appliances: black.

Style for 2018

Meanwhile another key designer working with award winning houses Sydney confirms interior style is all about rejecting a particular “look” and embracing individuality. In short, 2018 is all about the death of monochrome and minimalism and the rise of eclectic homeliness.

Sustainability is another issue influencing many award winning architects reporting increased demand for water-filtration systems at home; and smart houses which are entirely automated by an internet application will prevail. Homeowners will be able to heat up their dinner, or water the garden remotely. This will also apply to lighting, air conditioning, heating, fridges, dishwashers, and windows.

The interest in outdoor indoor flow continues apace with a new spin. Where before, homeowners were focused on outdoor kitchens, dining areas, bars and living zones, the reverse is now also true, essentially bringing the outdoors inside with growing focus in display homes Sydney on natural indoor elements such as vertical gardens, indoor ponds, planting beds or even mini ‘copses’ of vegetation designed to encourage home owners to get lost in the outdoors in the comfort of their homes.

Style for 2018