Once or even before building commences, many clients of luxury home builders sydney will already have a fairly clear idea of how they want the fine-grained details of their home to look. And one question regarded as fundamental is what colour to paint the walls. Tastes in the NSW capital are strongly influenced by global trends, meaning clients have the confidence to make a splash. This is typically when clients tap into the niche trend for wallpaper. Whether it be to cover an entire room, entire wall or a small alcove of the wall, wallpaper is often regarded as an exciting addition by homeowners working with sydney builders.


Know your type

For home builders in nsw, choice can sometimes be a burden. There are a variety of different wallpapers on the market which offer different types of surfaces, finishes and price points, so it’s worth researching these ‘types’ at the outset. Some varieties can be on the inexpensive side costing around $1 for a roll, while others can be hundreds of dollars. Once you have determined your needs and budget you can choose a type.

An age old trend for wallpapers is lining paper which is ideal to use to cover imperfections on the wall or bright colours that prove difficult to cover. Some other popular wallpaper types to note are the ‘pulp’ which is the cheapest basic paper with a print. Vinyl coated wallpaper is a bestseller as it is made out of a plastic form which makes it good for moist or warm areas. And now for the crème de la crème of the wallpaper family, the hand printed variety. This is the oldest and most expensive type, which taps in to original manufacturing systems and can take hours to complete.


Vinyl coated wallpaper


Think ahead

There is nothing worse than going to a store buying the first thing you see for it to then get damaged days later from condensation in the bathroom or steam in the kitchen. This is why you must do research first. You can most definitely apply wallpaper in the bathroom or laundry, but only if you choose a paper that is not going to get water damaged such as a type of vinyl whereas natural materials such as silk or grass based wallpapers won’t fare as well in these areas.


Enough is enough

Many home builders in Sydney report that clients often use the wrong amount paper in particular areas or an overwhelming pattern that does not fit the space. Experts advise when opting for wallpaper in a small alcove, to use an understated print. Additionally, homeowners should ensure that vases, frames and televisions that are placed in front do not camouflage or compete for attention.


interior design - enough is enough


Bold prints

On the other hand, there’s certainly nothing wrong with being bold in your choices. Sometimes this makes for the most eye catching on trend room when done properly. For every home builder sydney, there are a substantial range of bold prints which can help bring your home up to the highest standard such as tie dyed, deconstructed paisley, medallions or even zebra stripes.

bold prints