Having looked at luxury bedrooms, it’s time to venture further into the inner sanctum of the master suite to that essential bedroom addition, the walk in ‘robe, also known as ‘WIR’. Walk in robes are a feature in many master bedrooms, even in the ‘non-luxury’ sector, and particularly in newly built homes. So what differentiates a ‘luxury’ WIR from a more standard version?

According to quality home builders, a key factor is size. As part of their luxury home designs many clients specify walk in robes that are essentially a room in themselves. These generously proportioned closet rooms are configured with privacy, comfort and convenience in mind. Built-in storage designed for different functions is a given, so you’d expect to see varied sized shelving and hanging space for basic clothing such as underwear, through to shirting and more formal clothing as well as footwear. And of course WIRs might well be designed and decorated differently for male and female occupants; think tie racks and leather seating or jewellery drawers and French ottomans respectively.

Aside from décor, first among the luxury WIR’s unique charms is ease of use. One of the criteria for high net worth clients in specifying their WIR is that it should enhance their often time-poor lives by enabling quick and easy access to any given outfit; for the proud owner of a luxury WIR, rushing home from a business meeting to change for a gala event in the evening should be a breeze. In terms of organisation and visual appeal, clients specifying their custom homes will often opt for closed storage for less attractive items, broken up by open shelving for statement pieces such as a bespoke pair of shoes or luxury handbag. In the latter case, considered lighting can be used for practical purposes (finding what you’re looking for) as well as creating a gallery-like ambience to highlight exceptional items.


While the walk in robe is essentially a glorified storage room, it can also be designed as a secret nook in which to spend quality time, albeit with a purpose. Good heating and lighting are essential, and important elements such as large mirrors and eye-catching light fittings should be considered an integral part of the set up. Built-in seating or statement ottomans and couches, along with sumptuous accessories and rugs, complete the picture. And it goes without saying that finishes and detailing are as important to the luxury WIR as they are to any other room in the house. A polished timber floor or lavish deep pile carpet, along with soft-close drawers complete with state-of-the art handles and trims, will add to the sense of luxury. New custom home builders also note that some clients will boost the appeal of their WIR with a small fridge and mini bar or coffee and tea makers to bring literal refreshment to the act of freshening up. Other exotic add-ons might include incorporating technology that dispenses perfume into the air of the WIR to enhance its odour.

Add these to the well organised storage and premium materials of a luxury WIR and the mundane act of changing your clothing suddenly starts to feel elegant and exotic.