Whether you’re searching for the ultimate in modern luxury homes or simply looking to add to your investment portfolio by building on land, it’s likely you’ll be seeking the services of one of the many new home builders in your local market.

Some of the best new home builders on the market blend state-of-the-art construction techniques with quality workmanship to create homes that are functional, visually pleasing and comfortable to live in. They also utilise the most advanced products, materials: most modern luxury homes use the most advanced building components. From construction materials to heating systems, the technology built into every new home ensures high performance, durability and long-term satisfaction.

And the latest homes offer great advantages. Unlike older homes, they harbour no hidden problems such as structural damage or wiring issues. Combining function and style, they are also designed for a modern lifestyle; open plan living, ample natural light, considered work spaces, flexible layouts and functional storage are all features of modern luxury homes. Durable modern building products and good design also mean it’s easier than ever to maintain your home’s interior and exterior.

When sourcing quality home builders, there are a few criteria to bear in mind. Look out for integrated design and construction specialists; they should have the expertise to bring together all aspects of the home build, from design to financial planning and project management.

They should also be completely across all requirements for new builds, including energy efficiency. A new home should easily meet or surpass the required six star minimum energy efficiency ratings. Knowledge of insulation and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems should be second nature to any quality home builder, enabling significant energy and cost savings.

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Flexibility is also key. A specialist in modern luxury homes should offer you a wide range of new home models, which can also be customised to a certain degree to meet your specific requirements. A good custom home builder will also have an in-depth understanding of how to utilise your site to best advantage, including any landscaping requirements of external areas.

Attention to detail is also important. From door handles to surface finishes, new home builders should be able to offer you a wide selection of standard and upgrade options to suit your taste and budget.

Transparency is another factor in sourcing new custom home builders. The builder you engage should be able to give you a clear break down of all costings involved in the project, so unpleasant surprises are avoided. Many of the better quality home builders will also include clients fully in the design process, through regular meetings and workshops. The result is that you know how the house was built and the materials used. After care should also be available, so if you havequeries once the project is complete, your builder will be able to advise you.

Finally, most reputable new custom home builders will be able to provide testimonials and references from previous satisfied customers to ensure your dream home aligns with your vision in every respect.