As the year approaches its end, now is the time to look ahead at the key interior design trends for 2016 and how these are likely to be used by home builders in NSW. With the state’s capital often leading the charge in terms of home design, the best home builders in Sydney regard a good grasp of interior trends as central to their offer.

Firstly a look at colour, where the focus will be on drama offset by ethereal simplicity and an overall theme of ‘expect the unexpected’ – a black or deep green bedroom for example – or a living area painted in evanescent blush pink. Drama in black and white colour schemes offset by pops of bright colour, strong during 2015, will continue to be a theme.

One Sydney builder that works closely with interior designers has also noted a new focus in terms of innovative decoration; some clients are asking for eye catching ceiling decorations that can range from ornate and traditional to modern and quirky, such as a ‘placement’ design in a bedroom pictured here.

home builders in Sydney Mixed metals

Aside from colour, the key trend of metallics looks set to continue into 2016, with a new emphasis on ‘mixed metals’ ranging from blending silver/chrome, copper and gold finishes in the same living room setting, to using copper finishes with say faucets of another metal hue in a bathroom or kitchen setting. Statement lighting fixtures will continue to be sought after, while the ‘retro trend’ is now seeping into 1980s looks from geometric mirrors to leather couches reminiscent of the era.

best home builders in Sydney Curved cabinetry de Vol

Looking at broader influences, one expert working with homebuilders in Sydney points out that a defining element of current trends is the influence of new materials and forms, along with the rapid pace of technological innovation. The result looks set to manifest in unusual takes on traditional forms; including tiles with intriguingly shaped curves, or cabinetry with rounded edges, such as this example from devolkitchens.co.uk.

best home builders in Sydney Wall bed

Another key new trend that has its birth in contemporary thought but is also adaptable to traditional aesthetics is a growing interest in flexible and adaptable living environments. Building companies in Sydney are reporting growing interest in floating, moveable walls or rooms that can easily be reconfigured through the installation of semi-permanent built-in furniture. “This is the case even in the luxury homes market, where space isn’t typically an issue. In fact, it’s not really a question of space. It’s more about the capacity for self-reinvention; the ability to see the home interior as a canvas for expression or a ticket to ‘new places’ in terms of creativity. People want their environments to be less static and more dynamic.”

One example of this can be found in the renewal of interest in ‘retro’ items such as the classic wall bed of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Wall beds such as Italian made Clei beds are have been updated with slatted bases made with anodised aluminium, beech wood frames and sumptuous mattresses that make them supremely comfortable. New design features have also been added to transform them into tables or sofas if required.